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Background Vector Pack 12

When it comes to adding quick detail to an image or design, there aren't many better ways to do it than by adding a texture vector. Texture can completely turn a design around, taking it from something flat and lifeless to almost popping off the screen!

Background Vector Pack 12

Do you need high-quality vector texture Illustrator add-ons for your professional work? Check out the best professional texture Illustrator add-ons from Envato Elements and Envato Market after the selection of free Illustrator textures.

Strapped for time? If you're looking for the best free vector textures, but you don't have a lot of time to go through this list, we've got you covered. Watch this video from the Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel where we've curated a selection of the top Illustrator textures to add to your collection:

Gradients are a great way to add both subtle texture and color to your designs quickly and easily! This pack of unicorn-themed gradients boasts bright pastels that are vibrant while remaining soft and smooth.

Add some nature vibes to your design with this wood texture vector Illustrator pack. It's subtle enough to be used alongside any design, but detailed enough to be used as part of the main element as well!

Need cool textures? This grunge texture Illustrator pack contains nine premium vector textures for a non-premium price. You guessed it, they are free! These vector blots and textures are a free download that can be used for anything from vintage designs to grungy apocalyptic illustrations.

Can't get enough cool textures? Want everything to be grime, or look as if it's from a vintage era? Then this grunge texture Illustrator set containing nine hand-drawn grunge texture vectors for free is the set for you! This set even includes a halftone texture variant of grungy goodness.

These vector blots and textures are free to download and are endlessly useful. Use them to add subtle detail or pair them with high contrasting colors to create an even grittier-looking aesthetic. This particular pack features wider spread grit, with larger blotches.

Need an eroded texture vector that's a bit more concentrated? Then this vector pack will give you that aged and weathered appearance, while maintaining a scaleable vector format. It's incredibly detailed while remaining a vector!

These eight free seamless dot patterns give you a halftone vector effect, but with even more dots. Easily add interesting textured backgrounds to your designs, and never have to worry about a misaligned or out-of-place dot again!

Give your designs a worn and distressed look with this speckled vector textures pack. The distressed texture PNG Illustrator set contains seven high-quality textures available in both a vector format and transparent PNG. If you are looking to add a rust or distressed look to a metal texture vector design, then these distressed texture Illustrator add-ons are a great option!

Don't miss out on this set of 12 high-quality, distressed Illustrator textures in vector EPS format, an absolute must-have resource for any digital artist or designer. You can never have too many vintage texture vectors, after all!

Add some funky waves to your design using this texture background vector! Add a pop of color and texture to flyers, CDs, and posters with this repeatable design. Cover your design in it for a bold, trendy look, or keep it minimal by using it as an accent color.

Give your art a true canvas feel with this set of handmade canvas vector textures. Despite their highly detailed texture, they are indeed vector textures, so you can scale them infinitely as well as changing their color!

This pack contains 14 free texture background vectors that are perfect for adding a rough or distressed look to any design. Use them to mask type, or add them to an illustration to add more grit and detail.

The Worn Textures pack offers a realistic option to fade and distress, offering a subtler but still detailed texture. The pack contains a total of nine textures, great for distressing your graphic designs and illustrations or even creating mockups of screen-printed T-shirts!

This pack of four graphic styles adds grungy textures to your logos, typography, and any other single-color shapes. Eliminate those clean vector lines and give your designs a hand-made ink print appearance!

This free vintage texture Illustrator pack with dust vector textures offers subtle, hyper-realistic detail. It can also be used as a paper texture Illustrator pack, mimicking cardboard or other thicker types of paper and boxing material!

Add a burst of color and childlike whimsy with this pack of 12 free Illustrator brushes, for imitating crayons and colored pencils that have been scanned from the actual strokes of a crayon! Great for adding texture to illustrations or just adding textured borders around designs.

This halftone vector pack boasts a collection of ten vector halftone textures. Halftone textures are great to use in craft projects, artistic prints, business cards, or any other graphic design project you might have! These textures work well with both modern and vintage designs.

The Complete Vector Blueprint Kit is packed full of vector textures as well as matching Illustrator brushes containing everything you need to create your own vector blueprint designs! Pair it with a crumpled paper texture vector for an extra touch of realism.

This set of watercolor brushes and textures is great for adding a hand-made feel to your designs! There are six textures and a whopping 36 watercolor Illustrator brushes in total, making it the only watercolor texture pack you may ever end up needing!

The Subtlecraft texture pack can be used to add subtle textures to your designs in order to achieve authentic retro effects. It includes 50 vintage texture vectors as well as 10 Illustrator brushes! This mega pack can also double as a grunge texture vector resource.

The Tileable Textures pack is here to solve your design woes with these tremendous tileable textures. These textures are so highly detailed, it's almost hard to believe that they are not only vectors, so they can be infinitely upscaled with no blurriness, but they are also tiled and can be repeated infinitely. There are few abstract texture vectors that can claim both!

The Memento Shader Illustrator Brushes are some of the best distressed texture PNG vector brushes you'll find. You get to work with 28 brushes included in the set, divided into four groups, all with their own distinctive features and purposes.

Need distressed texture vector brushes that can also double as an eroded texture vector? Then this is the brush set for you! Grab two for one with this multi-purpose brush set. You can choose from 48 different high-quality texture brushes made from dust, rust, and scratches.

A set of 40 vector paintbrush texture brushes for Illustrator. Use them to create grungy effects, add noise to your shapes, or add texture to your images. All brushes were made on paper with a spray, before being scanned, traced, and polished.

Add depth and texture to your designs and illustrations with these wood texture vectors! These wood texture Illustrator brushes were created by live-tracking photos of real wood, ensuring a high-quality and realistic wood-grain texture Illustrator effect.

Turn your designs and illustrations into beautifully imperfect screen prints in an instant! These grunge texture vector brushes are the easiest way to make your very own authentic-looking prints. They also double as a great vintage Illustrator pattern to create retro-looking designs.

Make your designs look as if they have come straight off the press with these realistic, vintage print layer styles and vintage patterns for Illustrator! They also work wonderfully as a vector rust texture, so you can mix retro with industrial.

This collection of 27 styles for Adobe Illustrator is full of vector rust textures inspired by ghost signs, which are the old signs you might find in antique shops or even abandoned warehouses. The styles are based on a combination of graphic styles and Adobe Illustrator actions, making adding texture to your designs both simple and quick!

The two different sets of brushes that are included in this pack work together harmoniously to make stunning textured, inked art. Add small areas of dots and texture to your current design or create a whole new illustration, all using one set of Illustrator brushes and textures!

We've got you covered. Here are five premium texture Illustrator add-ons from Envato Market. You'll get the same quality and professional design, without a subscription. Just buy the texture background vectors you like.

This set includes 12 distressed texture Illustrator add-ons. You can easily create a vector mask opacity of any vector object, text, or raster. These texture Illustrator files are easy to use and customize.

Paper texture Illustrator add-ons are a great addition to your toolkit. This texture background vector set includes 10 folded paper texture swatches. The patterns are automatically added to Illustrator the first time you open the AI file.

Are you looking for realistic wood texture vectors? Check out this wood texture Illustrator pack. You'll get a set of ten rustic wood texture Illustrator patterns. All wood texture vectors are high-resolution and high-quality.

These grunge texture vector brushes were made using textures from real objects, which gives them a realistic look. The grunge texture Illustrator brushes emulate anything from the texture of brick to paint or pastel. The uses are endless!

This grain texture Illustrator pack comes with 54 pressure-sensitive grain brushes. These premium grain texture Illustrator brushes have varying degrees of density, texture, and grunginess. The AI scatter brushes are perfect for shading, or simply adding some texture or noise to your vector artwork., offers copyright-free vector images in popular .eps, .svg, .ai and .cdr formats.To the extent possible under law, uploaders on this site have waived all copyright to their vector images. You are free to edit, distribute and use the images for unlimited commercial purposes without asking permission. Although absolutely not required, we appreciate every link back or mention of our website.


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