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Bricks Breaker Quest: How to Find the Best Angles and Positions

Bricks Breaker Quest: A Fun and Addictive Arcade Game

If you are looking for a simple, yet challenging arcade game to pass the time, you might want to try Bricks Breaker Quest. This game is a modern twist on the classic brick breaker genre, where you have to shoot balls at numbered bricks and break them before they reach the bottom of the screen. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Bricks Breaker Quest, including what it is, how to play it, why you should play it, and some tips and tricks to help you beat the levels.

bricks breaker quest

What is Bricks Breaker Quest?

Bricks Breaker Quest is a popular arcade game developed by mobirix, a South Korean company that specializes in casual and puzzle games. The game was released in 2017 and has since gained over 100 million downloads on Google Play Store and over 10 million downloads on App Store. The game is also available on CrazyGames, a website that hosts free online games.

How to play Bricks Breaker Quest

The gameplay of Bricks Breaker Quest is very simple and intuitive. You just have to touch the screen to launch a ball at the bricks. The ball will bounce off the walls and the bricks, breaking them and reducing their numbers. You have to clear all the bricks on the board to complete the stage. However, if any brick reaches the bottom of the screen, you will lose the game.

The game has a cursor at the bottom that shows you the trajectory of the ball. You can use this cursor to aim for the best positions and angles to hit as many bricks as possible. You can also swipe the screen to change the direction of the ball. The game has a physics-based engine that makes the ball movement realistic and fun.

Features of Bricks Breaker Quest

Bricks Breaker Quest has many features that make it an enjoyable and addictive game. Some of these features are:

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  • Free to play: You can download and play Bricks Breaker Quest for free on your device. The game does not require any registration or subscription. However, it does contain ads and in-app purchases that you can choose to watch or buy for extra benefits.

  • Tons of stages: The game has hundreds of stages with different layouts, colors, and difficulties. You can challenge yourself with different levels of bricks, from simple ones with low numbers to complex ones with high numbers and special effects. The game also updates regularly with new stages and events.

  • Various types of balls: The game has different types of balls that you can use to break the bricks. Each ball has its own shape, size, color, and power. Some balls are faster, some are bigger, some are heavier, and some have special abilities. You can unlock new balls by completing stages or buying them with gems or coins.

  • Easy to play, but hard to master: The game has a simple control system that anyone can learn quickly. However, the game also requires strategy and skill to clear the stages efficiently. You have to find the best angles and positions to hit every brick, avoid wasting balls, and use the power-ups effectively.

  • Offline and multiplayer supported: The game does not require an internet connection to play. You can enjoy Bricks Breaker Quest anytime and anywhere without worrying about data usage or network issues. The game also supports multiplayer mode, where you can compete with other players online or offline. You can challenge your friends or random players and see who can score higher and break more bricks.

Why you should play Bricks Breaker Quest

Bricks Breaker Quest is a game that has many benefits for its players. Here are some of the reasons why you should play Bricks Breaker Quest:

  • It's fun and relaxing: Bricks Breaker Quest is a game that can help you relieve stress and boredom. The game has a soothing sound effect and a colorful graphics that can calm your mind and mood. The game also has a simple and satisfying gameplay that can make you feel happy and accomplished.

  • It's challenging and rewarding: Bricks Breaker Quest is a game that can test your skills and intelligence. The game has a variety of stages with different levels of difficulty and complexity. The game also has a scoring system that can motivate you to improve your performance and beat your own records. The game also rewards you with gems, coins, balls, and power-ups for completing stages and achievements.

  • It's educational and creative: Bricks Breaker Quest is a game that can enhance your brain functions and abilities. The game can improve your concentration, memory, logic, problem-solving, spatial awareness, and hand-eye coordination. The game also stimulates your creativity and imagination by allowing you to choose different types of balls and power-ups to break the bricks in your own way.

Tips and tricks for Bricks Breaker Quest

If you want to master Bricks Breaker Quest and clear the stages faster and easier, you might want to follow these tips and tricks:

Aim for the weak spots

The bricks in Bricks Breaker Quest have different numbers that indicate how many times they need to be hit before they break. The lower the number, the easier it is to break the brick. Therefore, you should aim for the bricks with the lowest numbers first, as they will clear more space on the board and make it easier for you to hit the other bricks. You should also try to hit the bricks that are close to the bottom of the screen, as they pose more threat to your game over.

Use the power-ups wisely

The game has various power-ups that can help you break the bricks faster and easier. Some of these power-ups are:


FireballMakes the ball burn through the bricks without bouncing

Multi-ballSplits the ball into multiple smaller balls

BombExplodes when it hits a brick, breaking nearby bricks

MagnetAttracts the ball to the cursor, making it easier to aim

LaserFires a laser beam that breaks all the bricks in its path

ShieldPrevents any brick from reaching the bottom of the screen for a limited time

Slow downSlows down the movement of the bricks for a limited time

ExtendIncreases the width of the cursor for a limited time

Add ballAdds one more ball to your next shot

Add lifeAdds one more life to your game (maximum 5)

You can get these power-ups by breaking special bricks with icons on them, or by buying them with gems or coins. However, you should use them wisely, as they are limited and not always available. You should save them for the harder stages or when you are in trouble. You should also use them strategically, as some power-ups work better with certain types of balls or situations.

Collect gems and coins

Gems and coins are the currencies of Bricks Breaker Quest. You can use them to buy new balls, power-ups, or lives. You can get gems and coins by breaking special bricks with gems or coins on them, or by completing achievements or watching ads. You should try to collect as many gems and coins as possible, as they will help you progress faster and easi


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