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Researchers at the University of Akron released a scientific paper demonstrating how this transparent polymer surface, which consists of electrodes, withstood repeated bending tests and saw it retain its shape even after 1000 flexes.

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As mobiles move into an era where form is beginning to find bendy, flexible shapes a screen technology such as this could be key to bringing those exciting new designs to market sooner, especially with manufacturers seeking that lower cost production options.

Through four lessons and four hands-on associated activities, this unit provides a way to teach the overarching concept of energy as it relates to both kinetic and potential energy. Within these topics, students are exposed to gravitational potential, spring potential, the Carnot engine, temperature scales and simple magnets. During the module, students apply these scientific concepts to solve the following engineering challenge: "The rising price of gasoline has many effects on the US economy and the environment. You have been contracted by an engineering firm to help design a physical energy storage system for a new hybrid vehicle for Nissan. How would you go about solving this problem? What information would you consider to be important to know? You will create a small prototype of your design idea and make a sales pitch to Nissan at the end of the unit." This module is built around the Legacy Cycle, a format that incorporates findings from educational research on how people best learn. This module is written for a first-year algebra-based physics class, though it could easily be modified for conceptual physics.

The efficiency with which photosynthetic phytoplankton removes carbon dioxide from the surface waters around Antarctica is itself dependent on the CO2 concentration of those waters. This opens up the possibility that a negative feedback system exists, whereby increased plankton growth under high-CO2 conditions results in proportionally more CO2 being pumped out of surface waters and into sediments.

Calman MacLennan of the University of Birmingham, UK, and his colleagues noted that Salmonella infection in Malawi is more common in toddlers under two years of age than in older children. The researchers report that healthy children over 16 months old produce antibodies that destroy non-typhoidal Salmonella as it divides in the blood; younger children do not.

Authors John Rogers of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Yonggang Huang of Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, and their colleagues propose using the bendy circuits in wearable health monitoring equipment.

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