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Have you set your goals for the new year? If you have set goals like getting your first apartment, buying a house, buying a car or just overall credit improvement, we will give you the tips you need to build or improve your credit score.


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Subprime is a term used by lenders and others in the financial industry to describe credit scores that are below a certain point. Nearly one in three U.S. consumers has a subprime score, but this group has shrunk by 12% since last year. Which category do you belong to? To reach your credit goals, it is essential to join a credit report monitoring service as your credit status can change frequently. Remember: for more tips on how to improve the quality of your life, visit

With our 3-bureau reports, you can view a side-by-side comparison of yourinformation from Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. This helps you spoterrors and understand score differences. Reviewing and fixing errors in yourcredit report may have a significant impact on your credit score.

Visit our credit education center to learn about credit, FICO Scores andcredit reports. You can also find tips on improving your credit and ask yourcredit questions to our active 750,000 member user forums.

I work with many clients directly at Freedom Travel Systems to help them fully leverage the power of their credit so they can enjoy free luxury travel and start or grow their business. For my clients and many others, here are a few common goals many credit-savvy individuals have:

Credit is an important part of life that can't be ignored, but you can master it, whether you are starting out with no credit or feeling stuck with bad credit! Pioneer offers everyone a free Credit Checkup which analyzes your current credit situation. You can also meet with a Pioneer team member who will walk you through your credit report and make suggestions for improvements and how to reach your credit goals!

Do you want to buy a house? Maybe you need funding to start your small business. Our mission is to help, guide, and support your credit goals. We've helped thousands of families reach their financial goals. It's time we help you.

You can achieve your credit goals through assistance from our independently-certified and experienced credit advisors. You will get personalized credit education instruction, and practical recommendation to assist you with developing a workable plan.

Join us, all Californians are welcome. Together, we make your financial goals a reality. Because we believe in people over profit. And we never stop thinking about how we can help our members live their best lives.

When comparing marketing strategies, attorney involvement, program lengths, and constructing a custom game plan with you to pick the right weapons to hit your targets, those differences in service and results stand out starkly and will give you more insight and personal power to pick the people that will best help you reach those goals and improve your credit situation. 041b061a72


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