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Edward Evdokimov
Edward Evdokimov

Kirkland Lake Hits New Visible Gold Intersectio...

Drilling at Castlemaine in December returned a high-grade result of 1.42 metres at 261.3 grams per tonne gold from 100.32 metres, including a visible gold intersection of 0.17m at 1916 grams per tonne of gold.

Kirkland Lake hits new visible gold intersectio...


The new results today include multiple intercepts of high-grade gold as well as intersecting more extensive gold mineralisation to the south west. Importantly a zone of visible gold was noted in the drill core and this high-grade gold zone is located further south than the previous high-grade drill intersections and south of the key east-west fault.

At Rogue, prospecting in the Valley zone this season has already encountered abundant sulphide veining across a 250-metre traverse, about 600 metres from where similar gold-bearing sulphide veins with historic grab sample assays of up to 152.0 g/t Au occur with visible gold. Assays for these new samples are pending. Extensive mapping, geochemical sampling, prospecting and a drone-based aerial magnetic survey will be conducted at Rogue to solidify targets for a first-ever diamond drill program in the Valley and/or Gracie zones. 041b061a72


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