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Beyond Good And Evil HD PSN

In the game's interior spaces, the player solves puzzles and makes their way past enemies in order to reach areas containing photographic evidence.[3] Jade's main tools are her Daï-jo combat staff (a melee weapon), discs for attacking at range, and a camera.[5] Jade's health, represented by hearts, decreases when hit by enemy attacks. It can be restored using fictional food items and can be increased beyond the maximum with "PA-1s" that, when held by Jade or her companions, increases their life gauge by one heart.[6] If Jade's health is depleted, the game will restart at the last checkpoint. Certain stealth segments later in the game can automatically kill Jade if she is detected. Most stealth elements allow you to fight for your life if you're detected, but it's more difficult to survive this way.

Beyond Good and Evil HD PSN

The soundtrack of Beyond Good & Evil was composed by Christophe Héral, who was hired by Ancel because of his background in film. Hubert Chevillard, a director with whom Ancel had worked in the past, had also worked with Héral on a television special, The Pantin Pirouette, and referred him to Ancel. Héral was assisted by Laetitia Pansanel, who orchestrated the pieces, and his brother Patrice Héral, who performed some of the sound effects and singing.[23]

The game's graphics were generally well received. In reviewing the GameCube version, Game Informer wrote that "Every moment of Beyond Good & Evil looks as good as a traditional RPG cutscene" and that the game's effects and character animations were "amazing."[50] On the other hand, Jon Hicks of PC Format wrote that while some effects were excellent, the game's otherwise unspectacular graphics were unwelcome reminders of the game's console roots.[51] and Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine cited glitches such as frame rate as irksome, because the game did not appear to tax the console's hardware.[52][53]

Also out now as a full-game download for the PlayStation 3 is Gatling Gears ($10), a twin-stick shooter set in the steampunk sci-fi universe of Mistbound. In the game, players will dodge sinkholes, fight off walker units, and battle against clans in an effort to defeat an evil corporation. Doctor Entertainment's Puzzle Dimension ($9) and the Sega Genesis classic Streets of Rage 2 ($5) are also now available through the PSN.

So what makes Beyond Good & Evil such a classic? For me, it breaks down into two categories: the world and the incredible variety in the gameplay. Michel Ancel crafted a truly unique video game universe full of talking pigs, cats, and walruses, an evil authoritarian government, hovercrafts, spaceships, and a clash of European and Asian styles that blend together into something singular.

Your free to roam Hilly early on in the game, and there's always a lot to do and see. Since Jade is a journalist she always carries her camera around, which can be used to take photograph of the wildlife that you then can turn in for money. A fun detail is that the better the picture, the more money you get and if you're good with the camera you can even use it in boss fights. To capture the best photos quickly becomes a mini-game in itself and you'll beat yourself up every time you manage to miss the perfect shot.

Beyond Good & Evil has been celebrated since it was released back in 2003, and it's one of the best examples of a game that never was able to sell as many copies as it deserved. For 800 points and some loss of bandwidth for the download, there is no way you won't be able to enjoy this as long as you like a good adventure. Beyond Good & Evil HD is simply one of the best digital purchases you can make.

Beyond Good & Evil is the brain child of French game designer Michel Ancel. The game follows good samaritan and photojournalist Jade and companions: her pig uncle Pey'j and a warrior with a bad case of amnesia named Double H. The characters go on a journey to unravel a conspiracy reaching to the highest levels of government of the planet Hillys, avoiding the constant attacks of an invading alien armada, The DomZ. The game featured the same lush colors and esoteric designs that made Ancel's previous game, Rayman 2: The Great Escape, such a success. Combining elements of the Stealth-Action, Beat-Em-Up, Shooter, and Racing genres, Beyond Good and Evil was hailed by critics as one of the best games of 2003. The critical acclaim, however, didn't translate into impressive public response. As a result BG&E suffered disappointing sales across the PS2, Xbox, GameCube, and PC. Despite this however, a sequel for the game has been in development for some time, partly as a result of a barganing arangement within Ubisoft steming from Michael Ancel's dissapointment with Rayman Raving Rabbids. The sequel however has been in a state of development hell however almost since conception.

The game's soundtrack is just as good as its gameplay, and offering the music for free is a good way to promote the title - to those who may not have experienced it the first time around. We gamers love free stuff. You can grab the soundtrack here.

BAJOServeral of our interviews with game devs have revealed that the 2003 action-adventure title 'Beyond Good and Evil' is listed as one of their all-time favourite games. But at the time of its release, it was barely a blip on the radar for many gamers. HEXWell, if you missed it the first time - or just want to relive one of your favourite gaming experiences - Beyond Good and Evil has been re-released in HD over XBLA or PSN. But does it still stand up as a solid gaming experience today?HEXOur funky green-lipped heroine Jade and her uncle Pay'j (who is in fact a pig - don't ask me how that works) take care of an orphanage on her home planet. But - when they run out of money to maintain the energy shield that protects them, she takes on a photography gig taking pictures of various plants and animals for a science museum.BAJOI think this was one of the first games to really use the function of taking photos in games, and it's quite fun here. Some of the animals are tricky to snap a picture of, and you do feel like you have to really hunt down certain species to try and get a well-framed snap of them. But it isn't long before a sinister plan by an organisation called the 'Domz' is discovered - citizens are disappearing all over the planet - and Jade must team up with the rebel-group called 'IRIS' to use her photo-journalistic skills to uncover the truth.HEXThe city serves as the game's main hub, allowing you to access various areas via hoverboat which is pretty good fun to explore with. As you go completing missions, you'll pick up pearls - which act as a currency at Mammago's shop where you can beef-up your hovercraft and help you access other areas of the world. There's a really great piano soundtrack which nicely underscores everything, too... and looking at it, I mean sure the game is dated - but you know that going into this experience, and.. despite this, it still looks gorgeous - being in HD now certainly doesn't hurt.BAJOThere are a few elements of the gameplay which will feel a bit stuck in time. For instance, the puzzles here are simple, but you do have to spend a lot of your time just walking up to random objects until the 'Action' button appears, indicating that you need to do something there. It actually follows more of an old 'point-and-click' approach to puzzle-solving.HEXYeah, and there were other moments which were a bit clunky, for example one puzzle required me to unjam an elevator and then fix the fuse-box and locate a power-source. But I did this the other way around, and sorted out the fuse-box first. Then, when I un-jammed the elevator, an animation played out suggesting I find a way to fix the fuse-box. BAJOBut you'd done that already.HEXYeah, one step ahead. One the other hand there were some puzzles which I really loved. Wanting to explore a locked room of a tavern, I had to try and get the pass-code off this dude who wasn't willing to give it up. But - I discovered that from a distance I could use the zoom of my camera-lens to sneakily spy it out. It wasn't necessary to the game's progression, but I scored a sweet pearl out of it and I felt really crafty.BAJOYeah, there are little hidden gems like that if you're willing to take the time to look for them.In combat you'll be teaming up with Pey'j and other characters to fight baddies - using Jade's staff which has light and chargeable heavy-attacks - and also her 'gyrodisk glove', which shoots discs at enemies for your ranged weapon. There are some fun boss-fights in there, and all the while you're still trying to snap pictures of half the enemies you're fighting which can be seriously tricky.HEXTaking enough photos will continue to earn you pearls - and you do need these to progress, because upgrading your hoverboat is necessary to reach other parts of the world. There are also some races you can complete to win you pearls, but these were a little too simplistic and not really much fun.BAJODespite its cartoony appearance, the game has some dark moments, and I think it would have been sophisticated and compelling for its time. It's sad that this game didn't achieve the popularity that it set out to, you know - this was meant to be part of a trilogy. And we're STILL waiting for that apparent sequel to be officially confirmed. Playing this nearly a decade later, I still found it really enjoyable, Hex.HEXYeah, I did too - and for a download, it's a great trip into the past - I didn't play the original, but I'm glad I've played it now because I feel like it's filled a gap in my gaming history for me. That being said, if you've got a bunch of recent games you're keen to check out, I can't say that I'd recommend this, because it is fairly dated and you could find that frustrating. I think something has to be really, really retro to warrant the experience of playing a game from yesteryear - otherwise I'd just rather play something that was released today. This is kind of just in-between. I think back in the day this game would have easily reached scores of 8's and 9's - but for 2011 I'm going to give it 7.BAJOLike re-releases of games like Perfect Dark - this is really geared to fans of the original and the game now looks better than ever, so for the nostalgia factor, I'd definitely recommend getting this if you loved it the first time around. But, I agree, Hex - it's in an awkward spot in time where it's still good enough to play and enjoy, but not really as engaging as anything you'd pick up by today's standards. I'm giving it 7.5. 041b061a72


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