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Eric Wells
Eric Wells

Ida Mac Os X Torrent [REPACK]

I've tried to cut and paste the link, using the Add URL button on uTorrent. The name shows up in my queue, but status sticks on Downloading metadata, and there's no size listed, because uTorrent isn't detecting a torrent in the appropriate folder.

Ida Mac Os X Torrent

I'm fine with being patient, but as far as I understand the problem, nothing is going to download, no matter how long I wait, because there's no .torrent file for the data in my dot.torrent files folder.

As an exercise, I did this: went to a site that has "Download torrent file" and "Download as magnet link" for the same torrent. When I clicked on "Download torrent file," the DL began almost immediately. When I clicked on "Download as magnet link," there was a brief pause, and then the .torrent file was recognized and the DL began.

If you were on a torrent site and saw a link that said: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:43C6274249F533E17259D71B821260FDE010BA64&dn=Miles%20Davis%20-%20A%20Tribute%20To%20Jack%20Johnson%20%281846%20MasterSound%20SRCS-9120%30, with no hyperlink and nothing to right-click, how would you proceed?

After highlighting, cutting, and pasting, all my torrents are still stuck in the Downloading metadata stage. It looks like all the torrents are currently unseeded, and the lack of hypertext link on the site is due to the peculiarities of the site's text editor.


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