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[S1E6] Eulogy 'LINK'

Mac and Dennis round up some homeless men and take them to the funeral, paying them to pretend they are Lional's friends. Dennis impresses Rebecca by telling her he has a eulogy prepared. An angry Mac gets a phone call, and Dennis makes him look foolish for not turning his phone off. He answers, and Charlie tells him there is an emergency.

[S1E6] Eulogy

At the funeral, Dennis gives a eulogy about Lional, and Rebecca looks at him with admiration. In the alley behind Paddy's, Charlie and Mac decide to burn the box, agreeing that neither kept anything. Dennis arrives, bragging about sleeping with Rebecca. Mac tells him that Pop-Pop was a Nazi and shows him a photo of him in 1942 - looking exactly like Dennis.

Paul and Bob decide to try and catch a legendary pike, which is perhaps not the best idea for two men of a certain age with heart problems. In the cosy cottage where they are staying, they invite a consultant cardiologist for dinner to talk about their medical past and their future, gaining tips on how to live the most healthy life possible. Facing the future, they write a eulogy for each other as the sun sets on their final fishing expedition.

A memorial service is held for Tom Walker. Brody delivers the eulogy while fighting back memories of beating Walker to death. Afterwards, Carrie finds Brody and tells him about the polygraph test he has to take; they schedule it for the following day. At the reception, Brody and Mike (Diego Klattenhoff) are chatting with some other Marines who attended the service. One of the Marines, Wakefield (Marc Menchaca), is drunk and turns belligerent. He angrily asks Brody why he came home alive, while Walker was killed. Brody says he was lucky. Wakefield then says all the men there wanted to have sex with Jessica while Brody was gone, but only one of them did. At that point, Mike attacks Wakefield. Brody then pulls Mike off Wakefield and, immediately sensing Mike is being defensive about his affair with Brody's wife, starts punching him without hesitation, saying, "you were my friend!" After bloodying Mike, Brody gets in his car and leaves.

Charlie hasn't shown much direct interaction with the Boss but showed concern when he became paranoid with the Frowning Friends' establishing their business across the street. Despite this, the Boss appears to trust Charlie with the jobs he assigns him and he delivered a poetic eulogy at Charlie's funeral shortly before he was resurrected.

We catch Brody for the first time as he struggles to write a eulogy for a memorial service in honor of Tom Walker, his former partner that he may or may not have beaten to death. Jess is wandering around the backyard, playing hostess and making sure that everything will be set-up perfectly. She comes inside and the couple share a nice moment, even if it is over the 'wife ties the tie' cliche. At the service, Corporal Thomas Patrick Walker's widow hands the reigns over to Brody who comes up with one of the oddest and most awkward tributes I have ever seen. But hey, at least we're introduced to the rest of their squad - like the scruffy vet-stereotype who drops his crutches in the middle of Brody's speech. This is where Carrie shows up to inform him that he's wanted for the polygraph the next morning.

Later, Cas tells everyone that Ian was her rival at first, but thanks him for helping her grow as an astronaut and believed that in his heart, he thought he was right. However, during the eulogy, Petra starts retching uncontrollably and cracking her spine and other bones. Zayn does not know what to do and the crew does nothing but watch.

McCoy returned to the DA's office sometime after this. After the death of Benjamin Stone, McCoy gave a eulogy at his funeral. After Rafael Barba ended a brain-dead baby's life, McCoy appointed Ben's son, Peter Stone, as special prosecutor for this case, although McCoy admitted that he was sympathetic with Barba's actions and hoped that the jury would be too. Barba was ultimately acquitted, but the trauma of the recent events prompted him to resign. McCoy told Barba that he didn't have to resign, but he understood why he was and he wished Barba the best. He then hired Peter to be take Barba's place as the SVU ADA. (SVU: "The Undiscovered Country")

Ten years after Rhaenyra's and Laenor's wedding, Laena and Daemon reside in Pentos and live there for some time alongside their two daughters, Baela and Rhaena. Laena suffers from complications during her third pregnancy. After Daemon is informed that it would perhaps be possible to save the baby through the use of a caesarean section, Laena resolves to die a dragonrider's death, walking to Vhagar and commanding the dragon to incinerate her. Vhagar reluctantly complies, burning Laena alive in front of Daemon.[1] Laena is buried at High Tide according to the customs of House Velaryon, her sarcophagus being dropped into the sea. Her eulogy is delivered by her uncle Vaemond Velaryon.[7] 041b061a72


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