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Far Cry 3 Offline Co Op Crack [UPD]

More alarmingly, the VR game Space Junkies, released in 2019, is going offline too, despite being very much a multiplayer-focused game. As of this moment, the game is still available to buy on Steam (it's currently on sale, but that ends 7 July when it goes back up to $20), and there's no notification on the Steam page that as of 1 September the game will be effectively defunct. Granted, the game rarely has more than three concurrent players a day on Steam, but those are still people who bought a game to own in the last few years, and the primary function of that game is being actively removed from it by its publisher.

far cry 3 offline co op crack

Ubisoft's obsession with keeping every aspect of their games rigidly tied to their online ecosystem has been catching up with them (or, more accurately, players) for a while. The cracks have been appearing for some time. Last year, for instance, Splinter Cell: Conviction's online functionality was deactivated. The game ostensibly featured a LAN mode, but it turned out that this too was tied into Ubisoft's servers (yep, to play locally you still had to connect online), which meant that you couldn't even play locally with friends any more. An entire (and quite brilliant) chunk of the game, just gone.

A single blind sham-controlled study was conducted to explore the effects of theta and gamma transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) on offline performance on working memory tasks. In order to systematically investigate how specific parameters of tACS affect working memory, we manipulated the frequency of stimulation (theta frequency vs. gamma frequency), the type of task (n-back vs. change detection task) and the content of the tasks (verbal vs. figural stimuli). A repeated measures design was used that consisted of three sessions: theta tACS, gamma tACS and sham tACS. In total, four experiments were conducted which differed only with respect to placement of tACS electrodes (bilateral frontal, bilateral parietal, left fronto-parietal and right-fronto parietal). Healthy female students (N = 72) were randomly assigned to one of these groups, hence we were able to assess the efficacy of theta and gamma tACS applied over different brain areas, contrasted against sham stimulation. The pre-post/sham resting electroencephalogram (EEG) analysis showed that theta tACS significantly affected theta amplitude, whereas gamma tACS had no significant effect on EEG amplitude in any of the frequency bands of interest. Gamma tACS did not significantly affect working memory performance compared to sham, and theta tACS led to inconsistent changes in performance on the n-back tasks. Active theta tACS significantly affected P3 amplitude and latency during performance on the n-back tasks in the bilateral parietal and right-fronto parietal protocols. PMID:29375347

The crack growth behavior of D6AC steel as a function of stress intensity, stress and corrosion history, and test technique, under sustained load in filtered natural seawater, 3.3 per cent sodium chloride solution, and distilled water, was investigated. Reported investigations of D6AC were considered in terms of the present study with emphasis on thermal treatment, specimen configuration, fracture toughness, crack-growth rates, initiation period, and threshold. Both threshold and growth kinetics were found to be relatively insensitive to these test parameters. The apparent incubation period was dependent on technique, both detection sensitivity and precracking stress intensity level.


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