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Les Miserables - Season 1

All season ticket holders who successfully renew for 2023-2024 will be invited via email after the renewal period to review alternate seating locations BEFORE the general public. Just one of the great perks of season tickets!

Les Miserables - Season 1


RENEWAL DEADLINE: Any requests for adjustments to the standard season subscription benefits or show offerings must be completed by March 27, 2023 and are limited to one request per subscription account per season. After the deadline, only the benefits associated with these as on subscription package will be offered. If you have opted into automatic renewal and we are unable to automatically renew your season tickets for the 2023-2024 season, you must login to your Broadway account and pay your renewal invoice no later than11:59p.m.on March 27, 2023 to keep you seats.

The finale for the first season of "Andor" is a powder keg of an episode, as most of the main characters congregate on Ferrix for the funeral of Maarva Andor. The whole sequence builds suspense masterfully, with beautifully mournful brass band music. As the music swells, and the procession picks up speed, the population of Ferrix turns out en masse to say farewell to one of their most beloved citizens, in defiance of the occupying Imperial force.

Oh who doesn't live for a classic. Period dramas are there to transport you to a totally different time, when people had considerably more exciting clothes and considerably less glamorous bathroom facilities. And Victor Hugo's Les Miserables does just that. The book of the same name became a very famous musical, and has had all kinds of adaptations. However the latest adaptation leaves the songs behind and focuses solely on the drama. And y'all it has been so brilliant and well-received that one can't help but wonder will there be a season 2 of Les Miserables?

The latest drama, a welcome relief for those who don't love a musical, is based on the book and tells the entire story from beginning to end. But as there is no sequel to Hugo's novel, there is unlikely to be a second season.

When bringing his breakout Stranger Things character to life for the fourth season of the immensely popular Netflix series, the English actor used a variety of sources as references. From The Breakfast Club to bad boys he knew growing up, Quinn had a firm grasp on Hellfire Club leader Eddie Munson. 041b061a72


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