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The Report YIFY

Now thanks to a recent disclosure by a court from New Zealand, where the group operated from, the man behind YIFY or YTS has been given a face. Court documents identified the torrent provider as 23-year-old resident of Auckland Yiftach Swery, according to The report confirmed too that not only Swery is a techie - a web and app developer - but also an accomplished young athlete, in fact an archery champion.

The Report YIFY

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Picking up on the report, TorrentFreak said that YIFY was likely derived from the creator's name, specifically the first three letters of his first name. Then later on when YIFY was rebranded to YTS, the label became YIFY Torrents Solutions.

The name switch also marked YIFY's gradual exit from the release group. As TorrentFreak said on its report, "It's worth noting that Yiftach was not the only person behind YIFY. In fact, towards the end he was no longer actively involved in encoding and uploading movie."

It can be assumed that YIFY's young age and his inactive status during the crackdown initiated by the MPAA significantly contributed to the relatively light punishment he got. The torrent provider has reportedly settled with the MPAA, turned over the YTS to the Hollywood group then just disappeared largely unscathed.

In the report presented, different domains are cited: (which now redirects to, (the most popular of the three) and (domain in which users were allowed to reproduce the content directly in streaming, but now it seems to be for sale).

In 2020, Google and Firefox blocked access to Yify sites and flagged them as deceptive sites. According to a report, these websites trick users into clicking on malicious ads that can install malware and viruses on their devices or fool them into revealing personal information like credit card details and passwords.

We know Yify is one seriously good source of torrents and can provide us with any Yifi movie downloads we need, but are there any Yifi alternatives out there that can serve us better? We are glad to report that we have found lots of other great alternative sites in case you fancy using something other than Yifi torrents.

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