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Eric Wells

RPG Maker MV - Fantasy Heroine Character Pack Free Download [pack]

If you are trying to activate an expansion pack or downloadable content, please first activate the original game, then activate this additional content.SteamDB - Install - RPG Maker MV - Fantastic Buildings: Medieval

RPG Maker MV - Fantasy Heroine Character Pack Free Download [pack]

Oh yeah. The RPG Maker DLC on Steam is literally cosmetic (or aural, I guess, since there's some royalty-free music packs being sold as well) -- the functionality to make an RPG from start to finish is there. The default assets have been used in so many projects that a game without some degree of DLC, custom art, or Photoshopping of the existing materials is never going to be visually exciting to anyone who's played a few RPG Maker projects, but you can still create a compelling story/world/character, a balanced battle system, etc. if you're creative (or have free time) enough.

and then at 22:35 i got what i commented up here. and they did take away my RPG Maker MV - Fantastic Buildings: Medieval key from the download page, replaced it with a downloadable drm free version of Fantastic Buildings: Medieval, dunno which version of rpgmaker it is for exactly

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