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Twisted Teen Porn

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twisted teen porn

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They urge no censorship and no new laws. But an antipornography group has succeeded richly in one aim. They have turned the nation's ear to the messages in rock music. After a slew of talk shows and nonstop press interviews, the newly formed Parents' Music Resource Center scored a coup last week in its fight against explicit sex and violence in rock. The campaign brought the United States Senate face to face with ``heavy metal'' rock music at a hearing that could be the media extravaganza of the year on Capitol Hill.

Senators confronted rock star Dee Snider, whose huge mass of Medusa-like hair cascaded in blond and black streaks. Wearing a sleeveless T-shirt with the name of his rock group, Twisted Sister, Mr. Snider testified to the effects of the antipornography campaign.

Not incidentally, some of the PMRC wives have husbands on the Senate Commerce Committee, which called the Sept. 19 hearing on rock pornography. Critics of the PMRC movement, including rock star Frank Zappa, say the connection represents a conflict of interest and charge that PMRC threatens to stifle artistic expression.

Singer John Denver, conceding that a problem exists, contended that efforts to curb pornography could be abusive. Some record stations banned his song ``Rocky Mountain High'' with charges that it was drug related, he said, countering that the song was about the outdoors.

Often record albums give no hint of explicit content, says PMRC member Mary Elizabeth Gore, wife of Albert Gore Jr., a Democratic senator from Tennessee and member of the Commerce Committee. Under questioning from her husband, Mrs. Gore told of buying the album ``Purple Rain'' by Prince for the Gores' pre-teen daughter and later discovering its explicit sexual content.

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