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Golpitha Namdeo Dhasal Pdf 13 !!TOP!!

the play, which ran for three seasons at the national centre for the performing arts, finally had a national release last year. it is based on dhasals seminal novel, ekankar. we have already covered some of the themes in the text, and how it was an indictment of the entire system of caste, discrimination, patriarchy and its impact on dalits, on the society at large. interestingly, v.s. naipaul, in his last book, india: a million mutinies now, was sharply critical of the way dhasal had portrayed the events in the play and its implications for social reform. dhasal had even written to his publisher, identifying the case that had made him write the novel and play in the first place.

golpitha namdeo dhasal pdf 13


the play is a very uncomfortable text. it is a poetic drama, and the poetry is dhasals. and the poet of the play, yashwantlal sonkar, or yash as he was called, was a contemporary of the author and a leading light of urdu literary movement. yash was a religious man who had converted to sikhism, yet there is no mention of the religion anywhere in the play, except for the fact that the protagonist, amrit, is a holy man and his head is shaved. that is one of the aspects of the play that i found most intriguing, since dhasal belonged to the awadhi brahmin caste which predated all the present day caste system in the region, and therefore it is a bit odd that he had this aversion to the caste system.

the play wasnt directed by dhasal but by none other than prakash jha, who had to make some compromises in the production as dhasal was, at times, a bit too iconoclastic. but, to counter-act his own efforts, jha decided to stick closer to the original material. and he was successful. the play was received by the public with great enthusiasm and can still be seen today in many cities in the country and even abroad.


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