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Genuine Thought!

Gates screeching as the milkmen hurry, followed by the newspaper boys ringing the bells of their cycles and bicycle. Maids rushing into the households to finish their jobs. Mothers struggling to wake their kids to get them ready for the schools. Fathers, grandparents happily getting ready to go to their laughing clubs. Students running to catch a bus. Paurakarmikas sweeping and cleaning the drains near the houses. The working-class people preparing their meals before going into hard and tiring physical labor. These visuals seem like a dream in the present situation. It has been almost 1 year, everything looks shaken. Nothing seems normal. Everything around looks so empty. Feels as if we have traveled 1000 miles away into a new universe.

Little hope followed in the second half only to be shattered by the second wave. Leading to the second /third lock down. Many of us have lost our loved ones, friends, and neighbors. We are all looking at the helplessness people are facing in finding hospitals, medications, and oxygen cylinders. It's even more heartbreaking to see people struggling to find a place to cremate or burn the dead bodies. These visuals have had major impacts on all of our minds.

There is uncertainty everywhere that is making all of us struggle. We are sick and tired. Sometimes these thoughts come in the way of our day to day life. Each of us feels these things in different ways. Many of us may feel short-tempered. Insomnia has stricken people who have never experienced it. Staying positive and giving the same productivity at work has become tough. In fact, grief is always heavier when being alone than with people around.

In these difficult times, we have to be kind to ourselves. We have to start looking at sadness, anger or worry with compassion. We should remind ourselves that it is natural human behavior to respond to hardship in such a manner.

Never hesitate to reach out to your friends, family or anyone you trust to speak about the happenings within you. Remember sharing hardship brings people together. It’s okay to not feel okay.

(Note- In case the mental health is unmanageable reach out to professional mental health experts .)

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