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Edward Evdokimov
Edward Evdokimov

Download Extra Quality Chocapic13 High Performance Here

The above comparison demonstrates the limited render distance of shadows. Apart from that, the below comparison shows the reduction of the actual resolution of the shadows. The shadows with the full Chocapic13 shaders are way smoother, whereas the shadows with the Toaster Shaders look pixelated. But although the shadows with the High Performance Shaders look worse, the lower quality graphics greatly benefits the performance.

Download Chocapic13 High Performance here

Download Zip:

Sildur's Enhanced Default is a part of the highly popular Sildur's Shaders series. This shader is focused on delivering players with the best performance possible so that it can run on even the most dated systems.

Before we begin here's a screenshot of my current survival world without shaders for reference. Some features cannot be captured with screenshots but luckily these shader packs are really small in download size so you can try them out yourself. I'm shortlisting them based on performance.

This pack can additionally be downloaded from the Resource Packs page. If you have questions or comments, you can comment here, or post it in the Quin Studios Discord. If you make any edits to the pack that you believe enhance or fix aspects of the pack, contact Quin or AldanTanneo, and your edits may likely be included, with due credit, in the pack.

Minecraft shaders are important mods with which users can modify and highlight the lightning and shadow effects of the game. Using the shaders will completely change your gameplay experience. The aim of shaders is to make changes to the visuals and the graphic settings to look realistic. However, while choosing the best Minecraft shader, you must check the level of performance of the shader and its features.

BSL Shaders pack is used for both integrated and dedicated graphics. Using this shader can make a lot of improvements in the game and also gives perfect light effects and shadows. The color is deep and rich which does not change the feel of your game. The BSL shader gives you a professional feel and it works great on high-performance PCs. It is the most popular shader that is used by many and it worth trying. They regularly update the shaders pack. 041b061a72


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